Saturday, 3 July 2034

Based on one of my nightmares, this short story tells of a man who is chased by an unknown assailant. The thought that one’s own demise could be clouded in mystery is truly terrifying and is the reason why I chose to explore this theme in the poem.

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Brisbane – otherwise known as the river city, has been my home for the greater portion of my life. It’s murky brown hue has it’s own unique charm and I wanted to capture it’s opaque beauty in this work.

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The Way it was

Everyone likes the status quo, but what would happen if things suddenly changed? What would happen if the world suddenly stopped? All of existence vanished at a moment’s notice.

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The Last Song

This poem came to me one day, telling a story of a passed singer longing for her lost lover. I imagined her as a spectre singing to an empty auditorium, except for the rats in the night.

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Shade of Time

Wrote this poem to inspire myself to keep going. I’m going to be honest, I’ve gone through A LOT of hobbies – I’ve taken up drawing, YouTubing, musical instruments, cardistry – but I’ve always given up too quickly. I hope I can keep up writing and art creation. Wish me luck.

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Noise of the Surbubs

Inspiration for this piece came while laying awake late at night. I stared at the ceiling and listened to the sounds of my neighborhood. I wrote what I heard. The photo was taken on my commute home from work. The Suburbs I pass all have above ground wiring and I love the spider like patterns […]

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