Life extension – 2118 [art]

This artwork is a hint at a larger piece of work that I’ve started based around what life would be like in 2118 (i.e. one hundred years from now). Earth is in the throws of extinction and humanity is striving to do all it can to survive. This poster is a modern interpretation of propaganda […]

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Shade of Time [haiku]

Wrote this poem to inspire myself to keep going. I’m going to be honest, I’ve gone through A LOT of hobbies – I’ve taken up drawing, YouTubing, musical instruments, cardistry – but I’ve always given up too quickly. I hope I can keep up writing and art creation. Wish me luck.

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Noise of the Surbubs [poem]

Inspiration for this piece came while laying awake late at night. I stared at the ceiling and listened to the sounds of my neighborhood. I wrote what I heard. The photo was taken on my commute home from work. The Suburbs I pass all have above ground wiring and I love the spider like patterns […]

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Crystalline [art]

This piece took around one hour to create. The mixture of symmetry and asymmetry, with cloud-like streams really made this one stand out from others that I’m working on. Full resolution here. – Created in Chaotica 1.5.8 – no post editing.

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Opus [art]

Opus – the first header banner on this site, is one of my favorite fractal images that I’ve created. Inspired by the natural beauty of Australian opals, this piece is easy to get lost in just like their real counterparts. Full resolution here.

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Start [update]

It’s never easy writing your first post, but you have to start somewhere. Everything has a starting place – and this this mine. So why bother starting a blog? Especially since this is probably the fourth blog I’ve started in my life… Ultimately I wanted to have a platform to share my creative endeavors.  For […]

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